More Homemade Holiday Gifts

Although grateful for presents, my mom really appreciates a good deal. In fact, I think she’d be more content with a quirky dumpster dive find than anything money could buy. Similarly, she’s made it abundantly clear that she’s trying to de-clutter and doesn’t really want anything. With that in mind, I took to Pinterest in search of something simple and cheap, that wouldn’t occupy too much space, that I could give her. I consulted my “Gifts” board and remembered pinning this: 



Available for $17.50 on Etsy. My mom has a weird obsession with eye charts (and her worsening eye sight — haha sorry mom) as well as being from Michigan so I for those reasons, coupled with the fact that I’d waited until Christmas eve to get my act together, made this seem like a viable option for me to copy. 

FYI I don’t know if it’s against the rules to straight up copy someone’s design but in my opinion, imitation is the highest form of flattery and I changed it a little…

This is my version:

ImageI thought the orange would go nicely with all the wood in her house. I made it in inDesign and printed it at Staples and then stuck it in a frame I bought at Walgreens. The whole thing cost $7. The image above is a little pixelated because I’m having some computer problems and had to convert it from Adobe Acrobat. Here it is placed randomly throughout my mom’s house:







Merry Christmas!!



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